Why this choir is a huge hit with China's stressed out millennials

Do you have a boyfriend? How much money do you make? When will you get married and have children? Why don't you move home and work for Big Uncle? And why, why, why are you so fat?


Vatican defends China invite to organ trafficking summit

The head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) admitted he did not know whether the practice was continuing but said he hoped to encourage change.

Human rights groups say China is still using executed prisoners as a source of organ transplants.

Beijing says forced organ harvesting ended in 2015.

But the group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) said China's participation was compromising the conference and the PAS should reject its claim as no independent inspection had taken place.

VPN services now illegal in China

It fuels all the censorship hobbies of the Chinese government. Also, the country has bagged the first position in last year’s list of countries with highest internet censorship released by Freedom House. So, it kind of becomes obvious that everything making its way through the firewall has to get a nod from the government.

China's fake food problem: Soy sauce and spice mixes

Authorities in northern China say they have busted several underground factories that were churning out counterfeit versions of products like soy sauce and spice mix.

The fake goods were being made in a district of the industrial hub Tianjin and passed off as real brands owned by major companies.

Sunken, 600-year-old Buddha emerges from water

A local villager first spotted the head of the Buddha last month when the water level fell by more than 10 meters during work on a hydropower gate, official state news agency Xinhua reported.

The Buddha's head sits against a cliff and gazes serenely over the body of water. It has attracted many tourists as well as locals, who see it as an auspicious sign.

Archaeologists said the statue could date back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

China probes 'fake seasoning producing hub' near Tianjin

It comes after Beijing News reportedly uncovered the elaborate operation near the city of Tianjin.

The factories were using unapproved ingredients like industrial salt in seasoning including soy sauce and vinegar, the paper said.

The products were labelled with brands including Maggi, Knorr, and Nestle.

China has been rocked by various food scandals in recent years, with tainted milk powder killing six babies in 2008 and making more than 300,000 children ill.

This beauty queen scares China

Prevented from taking part in Miss World 2015 when China refused to allow her to enter the country, where the final was being held, she tried again this past December.

China collects massive personal data of all citizen— and it’s up for sale

Any item you shop, any ride you take, or any place you eat — there’s a good chance that authorities are sniffing your data. Interestingly, the Chinese government doesn’t need to build specialized infrastructure for this spying.

'Rude' China police given hospitality lessons

The training was announced by the Chang'an district police force after local television ran a report on discourteous cops, Sanqin Daily reports. Twenty officers have been assigned to the luxury hotel as part of a three-month-long "style rectification" course, according to the force's Weibo account.

China: Video shows woman on scooter running over girl

Police in Yangjiang in the southern province of Guangdong said in a statement that a 29-year-old woman surnamed Chen was being investigated after the video went viral.

She lives with the girl's grandfather, a 50-year-old widower surnamed Ye. Chen told police that she started the scooter to scare the girl, who didn't want to leave home with the rest of the family.

She said that she accidentally ran over the girl's legs, but later checked and found that the girl wasn't seriously injured. The police statement said the girl suffered leg injuries.