Bumayong Secondary School

Panamex, CIS start school fights awareness

The program started on the first week of August and will end in September 2017.

It began at Bumayong Secondary School and Malahang Technical High School.

In a statement, the firm said: “We hope to cover other secondary schools (Busu, Lae Sec, Bugandi and Markham Valley) next week onwards.

“Prisoners have given testimonies on what the negative impact of crime and other bad habits will have on their lives.

Student dead, several injured in school brawl

Classes were suspended due to the incident as Police stepped up its presence at the school ensuring the safe passage of students leaving the school grounds.

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that a fight broke out at the school at around 10am where the male student was stabbed multiple times and was rushed to Angau Memorial Hospital but unfortunately died.

Wagambie said police were alerted and proceeded immediately to the school and dispersed the students.

A suspect armed with a homemade gun was pursued on foot but managed to escape.