Transport for NCD students

The APEC Secretariat has released 10 buses to the National Capital District Commission to transport students to and from school starting next week.

The long awaited APEC buses, promised by NCDC, will assist students at no cost come Monday, 1st of June.

The concern had been raised earlier during the NCD teachers’ dialogue over directives issued by the SoE controller for pubic to exercise social distancing in public transportation, which was an issue for students.

Governor Parkop during the launching, said it was important for students in the city to feel safe, especially girls when traveling to school. He further said NCD was happy to provide this service.

Students who depend on public transport are urged to stand at the main bus stops for pick up.

Route one is from Bomana to Gordon’s and back. Students who live within this area are advised to stand at the main bus stops to be picked up.

The route two bus will transport students from the Seven-Mile area who go to school within the town area. Route three is from Gordon’s to Taurama.

Route four is from Gordon’s to Town via Badili while route five is from Gerehu to Manu via Four-Mile.

Route six is from Gordon’s to Koki. Route seven is from Waigani to Manu and route eight is from Gordon’s to Town via freeway.

So for example, if you live at Gerehu and attend a school within the Gordon’s area, you get on the route five bus. This bus goes all the way to Manu bus stop via Four-Mile. You can stop the bus along the way – at least at your nearest school bus stop – and hop on another route or a public bus that goes to your school main bus stop.

Kemo Pepena-Guise, the NCD Manager for strategic Planning, said it is still a trial exercise and the Commission will see how it goes and will make changes to the routes where possible.

All buses will have three trips in the morning and three in the afternoon. The pick-up times are:

  • 6:20 am, 7:20 am and 8:20 am
  • 2:20pm, 3:20pm and 4:20pm


Jemimah Sukbat