TIPNG elects 2020 board directors

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) conducted the election of its board directors for 2020 during its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 27.

The members elected Peter Aitsi as chair, Secretary - Michelle Hau’ofa, Treasurer - Akae Beach and 11 others, including; Brian Alois, Lawrence Stephens, Jerome Sesega, Belinda Kanau, Philip Samar, Paul Barker, Mary Udu, Richard Kassman, OBE, Christopher Elphick and Michael McWalter, OL were returned as directors.

A new face to join the board of TIPNG this year is Seini Fisi’ihoi, who was also elected to the Board to fill a vacancy left by long-serving director and long-time PNG anti-corruption advocate, Fr John Glynn, who withdrew his nominations to focus on his other community commitments.

At the AGM, Executive Director, Arianne Kassman, outlined TIPNG’s strategy, which places a priority on building the organisation’s internal capacity to fight corruption on multiple fronts, while growing anti-corruption networks and consolidating its anti-corruption efforts with those of other stakeholders.

“While we have had many successes over the past year, we remain focused on growing and reinforcing the efforts of a community-wide movement against corruption in PNG. This includes reaching out to other like-minded organisations and individuals and uniting the voice against corruption in PNG,” said Kassman.

As a chapter of the global Transparency International movement against corruption, TIPNG has consistently advocated for the fortification and recovery of PNG democratic functions and the civil liberties of Papua New Guineas for over 23 years.

TIPNG 2020 Board of Directors (back row, L-R) Richard Kassman, OBE, Paul Barker, Lawrence Stephens, Christopher Elphick, (front row, L-R) Seini Fisi’ihoi, Michael McWalter, OL, Treasurer - Akae Beach, Chair - Peter Aitsi, MBE, Secretary - Michelle Hau’ofa, Mary Udu and Honorary Board Member - Lady Mina Siaguru (Absent: Brian Alois, Belinda Kanau, Jerome Sesega and Philip Samar)

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