Provincial govts urged to furnish reports

Provincial governments and districts have been urged to furnish their outstanding services improvement program acquittal reports to receive their 2019 Services Improvement Program (SIP) funds.

Acting Secretary for the Department of Implementation and Rural Development, Aihi Vaki, said 75 percent of provincial and district administrations are yet to furnish their reports to the department. 

Vaki is concerned that provincial governments and district development authorities are very slow in submitting their acquittals to the department.

“It is the responsibility of the administrations to submit reports to the department during the first quarter of the following year in order to receive the next lot of SIP grants for development purposes,” he said in a statement.

“These pre-requisites are mandatory to be submitted by the provincial and district administrations to DIRD before 31st of March, every fiscal year.

“Failure to furnish these pre-requisites on time will only delay the disbursement of provincial and district services improvement program funds and affect the service delivery.”

Vaki will be sending out circular instruction to remind the district development authorities, Joint Provincial Planning/Budget Priority Committee and provincial and district administrators to provide approved itemised provincial and district SIP budget plans, JPP/BPC and DDA meeting minutes and resolutions, previous years’ SIP physical implementation and financial acquittal reports.

He said these documents are vital for monitoring and evaluating decisions and implementation of SIP projects in the provinces.

Vaki also said the department must be informed of any new appointments in district administrations and finance managers so that it can update its records and recognise legitimate appointees.

(The Department of Implementation and Rural Development)

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