New Customs PNG facility launched at Motukea

Customs PNG has launched its newest and first of its kind in-country examination facility at Motukea this morning.

Present to officiate the launch was Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch and Finance Minister James Marape.

Chief Commissioner for Customs PNG, Ray Paul says the total cost of the examination facility according to the contract cost Customs PNG about K30 million.

Customs PNG has gone into an arrangement with a company where Customs will be leasing the facility on an annual basis to them for the next 10 to 15 years.

“Customs PNG intends to own this after some 10 to 20 years down the line through another understanding with them,” Paul said.

He said the facility is a tool that will help Customs staff do their jobs adding that most of the tools used in their line of work are quite expensive.

“This will definitely improve our work in Customs as this will cut down on time and inspection.”

“From a one full day of inspection on a container, it will now be reduced down to just 15 minutes to do a full search on a container.”

He adds that Customs are now more targeted on its approaches through it targeting and profiling programs.

There are plans in place to expand and set up the same facilities in other centers like Lae being purchased already and we are now on track with Morobe Provincial Government to initiate the contract of the land title.

Paul says the Government’s allocation have been very supportive with the container examination facility, including State Solicitor, National Planning, Treasury and Finance.

Annette Kora