Murder leads to calls for tougher laws

A police reservist attached with the Lae city council is dead after an unprovoked attack by group of men in the 3mile area over the weekend.

Prior to the attack on Sunday November 5th, two groups in the same area were in a drunken brawl.

A young man in one of the groups was stabbed with a scissors and taken to the hospital while a house was burnt down.

The situation was still tense when the police reservists who had just completed his shift and was going to get his family breakfast around 7am was attacked.

Police reported that the reservists was attacked with Iron rods and slashed with machetes in broad daylight;

Police were alerted of the attack and quickly responded, rushing the reservists to the hospital, however, the man unfortunately succumbed to his wounds.

The community then mobilised with relatives of the deceased and burnt down five houses belonging to the suspects and their parents.

Meantime, the Lae metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie junior has condemned the attack on an innocent reservist.

Leaders of the community have been gathered by police to address this issue following the surrendering of there out of four key suspects identified by the community members.

Suspects who were involved in the initial drunken brawl will also be brought in for questioning.

Wagambie says that there are a lot alcohol related issues – many resulting in murder or serious injuries, he adds that there needs to be tougher policies set by the government to charge these kind of crime related issues – and or perpetrators.

Imelda Wavik