Minister calls for close surveillance following ‘coronavirus’ deaths in China

The Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Westly Nukundi Nukundj, is warning all travellers who are entering the country that Immigration will be very strict on movement of people coming from China and all other Asian ports.

This follows reports of an outbreak of a never-before-seen virus called ‘coronavirus’, which has been detected in Wuhan, China, and has claimed over 50 lives.

According to China’s National Health Commission, apart from the reported deaths, almost 2,000 Chinese citizens are suffering from a pneumonia-like illness.

“As the Minister responsible for the government agency that manages the movement of international travellers into Papua New Guinea, it is important that the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) impose some restrictions,” stated Minister Nukundj.

“I would like to make a formal appeal to all government agencies operating on our borders to be very strict on the movement of people. All government agencies that safeguard our borders, including Foreign Affairs, National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA), Customs, Immigrations and Health in this matter must impose strict measures at all our ports.

“All international passengers, including those Papua New Guinea citizens travelling to PNG, must be imposed with vaccination certificates.

“Our land border post at Wutung, Sandaun Province, must be temporarily closed to prevent travellers from Jayapura, Indonesia, from entering the country through the post.

“After receiving an official report from the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation, several measures will be taken on an interim basis.

“These will include temporary suspension of online e-visa for short term ‘Easy Visitor Permit’ for all Chinese and for those intending visitors to apply through the PNG Embassy in Beijing.

“NAQIA will also be informed to impose Temperature Monitoring Detectors at the airport to manage and detect international passengers on arrival with very high fever.”

Press release