Locals urged not to sell land

Landowners throughout the country are urged to refrain from selling their own lands.

Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, John Rosso, said as PNG is venturing into the future, urban electorates would be impacted with new changes taking place and thus lands should not be sold.

“Land is a very sensitive issue; we need to speak in a holistic manner that every person should work together to solve those problems,” he stated.

One of the main challenges faced by the Government is the issue of locals selling their land then blaming the government.

“Our land, our life, our future lies in our hands; we should take care of it.”

Rosso highlighted this while speaking at the Motu Koitabu Assembly conference held in Port Moresby earlier this week.

“We have to look at ways on how to approach things, change our mentality of selling our own lands.”

(Article by Jim John – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Jim John