Leadership courses to empower women

The introduction of leadership courses in the public service will empower women to step into decision making roles.

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, said women make up only 12 percent of all executive management positions while only less than 25 percent make the public service.

She said with more leadership courses, these unfavourable statistics may be improved.

Sansan added the introduction of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) will assist in this area.

“The GESI Policy demands equal access to opportunities recruitment and promotion on merit, transparent processes and decision making that is free from bias.

“By providing more education opportunities to women such as this short course, we will see more women stepping in and taking on decision-making roles,” she said.

Sansan added that the challenge must be taken on by both men and women to see fulfilment.

She made the comments during the opening of a three-day public speaking and speech writing course in Port Moresby.

Cedric Patjole