Govt vows to deliver Central Provincial Hospital

The Government will be revisiting the National Executive Council decision made in 2014 to build a provincial hospital for Central Province.

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Elias Kapavore, made this undertaking on the floor of Parliament yesterday (July 4).

Central Province is the only province in the country that does not have a provincial hospital.

Governor Robert Agarobe raised this concern in Parliament, calling on the Government to deliver on its commitments to the people of Central Province.

“As we all know, Central Province is the only province lacking a lot of the infrastructure that other provinces enjoy and for one, we’re the only province that doesn’t have provincial capital, and with that we also don’t have a lot of the instrastructure that comes with that, like no provincial wharf. Central Province doesn’t have a provincial airport and it doesn’t have a provincial hospital,” the governor stated.

Minister responsible, Elias Kapavore, responded and assured the people of Central that this Government will fulfill its commitment and deliver the provincial hospital.

“People of Central Province need a provincial hospital of their own. We cannot continue to see our people coming to use Port Moresby General Hospital,” Kapavore said.

“They cannot continue to come to Gerehu General Hospital. They have a population of two hundred and thirty six thousand people and they deserve to have their own provincial hospital. So good governor, I can confirm that the Department of Health is committed in making sure we deliver a provincial hospital for Central in this government.”

(Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Elias Kapavore)

Salome Vincent