Dog Unit warned against interference

The NCD police boss has warned members of the Dog Unit against interfering in police investigations.

Perou N’Dranou issued the warning after an arresting officer was threatened by a group from the unit.

Certain officers from the K9 unit took matters into their own hands when one of their friends, who is a PNG Defence Force soldier, was arrested over the weekend over allegations of motor vehicle theft.

During that time, it was established that the suspect was also involved in the case of the 2015 killing of a Kilakila student, and is the son of a senior police officer.

“He absconded his bail and a court warrant was issued but despite the court warrant, he was still hiding in the military barracks and working as a soldier,” N’Dranou said.

Whilst commending his men on a job well done, the metropolitan superintendent said he has instituted another investigation into the dog unit’s conduct.

“I would not hesitate to ban their service in NCD,” he stated.

“I’ve just talked to OIC (officer-in-charge) Dog to identify those involved and then the police investigation will continue. And if we have facts to prove that they shot at a police officer, they’ll be arrested as well.

“No one is above the law, not even the Dog Unit.

“You’re not fit to wear that uniform if you behave like a criminal.”

Apart from the soldier in question, one of his colleagues was also arrested and charged alongside him for the theft of motor vehicles as well as armed robbery.

A total of four arrests were made over the weekend in what was labelled as a ‘stolen motor vehicle syndicate’.

Carmella Gware