DHERST responds to POM Tech protest

The Department of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology has clarified that not all programs offered by the Port Moresby Technology College is accredited under the National Qualification Framework.

The Department made this clear after the student body staged a protest over the Higher Education Loan Program or HELP.

The Port Moresby Technological College students held the protest on Thursday 2nd of July, over the approval of only a few applications for the loan program were approved by DHERST.  

They explained that not all programs offered by the College are accredited under the National Qualification Framework even though it is registered as a Higher Education Institution.

In a statement, they said the certificate programs offered are yet to be accredited, therefore students who were selected for the “not yet accredited programs” are not eligible in this year’s HELP roll out.

Adding they may be eligible in the near future when the programs are upgraded to go through the accreditation process.

The Department said POM Tech students were not promised the loan but were informed that if they meet the eligibility, they may be considered to apply for HELP.

DHERST confirmed that ten applicants from POM Tech students were successful while 13 other students did not correctly fill the application and that includes not submitting the required documents such as the school-leaver certificate numbers and NID cards.

Jemimah Sukbat