Current Manus contract arrangements to be reviewed

The Australian and PNG governments say they are committed to ongoing cooperation to ensure quality and sustainable services are in place to support the health, welfare and safety of transferees in PNG.

These services are essential to supporting individuals engaged in existing resettlement and settlement opportunities.

The PNG Government has advised it intends to assume responsibility for service delivery and will contract local providers through an open market competitive procurement process. Prime Minister Marape reinforced this expectation on June 25th.

To allow the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority time to undertake its open and transparent procurement processes and to ensure services are maintained, the governments of both countries have agreed to a limited extension of existing contract arrangements and in parallel, will review current contract arrangements to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

While procurement processes take time, Australia will work with Papua New Guinea to transition to new service providers within the quickest possible time, at which time Australian held contracts will be terminated.

The governments of Australia and PNG say they will not provide ongoing commentary on future contract negotiations, but said they are committed to supporting individuals seeking to engage in existing resettlement and settlement opportunities.

The PNG Government currently supports individuals to settle permanently in the community; an opportunity that has been taken up by over 50 refugees to date. These individuals live and work in the community.

“The Papua New Guinea Government continues to consider options to further enhance its settlement program, providing support to refugees to permanently reside in the broader Papua New Guinea community,” read a joint statement from both governments.

“The United States resettlement arrangement continues, with 531 refugees from Papua New Guinea and Nauru successfully settled to date. An additional 174 individuals in Papua New Guinea and Nauru have been approved for United States resettlement and are expected to depart in the coming weeks and months.”


Press release