K10,000 for PMGH children’s ward

The Children’s Paediatric Ward at the Port Moresby General Hospital received a cheque worth K10,000 from the Bank of PNG.

BPNG staff members were at the Port Moresby General Hospital boardroom to witness senior analyst, John Nema, present the dummy cheque on their behalf.

The donation was a reflection of the Bank’s 46th anniversary, hence teams representing different sections of the Bank were present at the hospital.

It was something different from the usual in-house celebration.

The Hospital’s Acting Director for Medical Service and Paediatrician, Doctor Kone Sobi, acknowledged the bank’s generosity.

Dr Sobi said it always very costly for the largest hospital in the country to run efficient services, and therefore donations like this are very helpful.

The Bank of PNG began its donation activity with the Port Moresby General Hospital, then went on to other community organisations such as Cheshire disAbility Services, Haus Ruth, Buk bilong Pikinini and Rotary PNG.

All were presented with a K10, 000 cheque each.

Frieda Kana