​End malaria for good

World Malaria Day is an occasion to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control.

This year’s global theme for World Malaria Day is ‘End Malaria for Good’.

As a lead-up to 25 April, the World Health Organization is shining a spotlight on prevention, a critical strategy for reducing the toll of a disease that continues to kill more than 400,000 people annually.

Since 2000, malaria prevention has played an important role in reducing cases and deaths, primarily through the scale up of insecticide-treated nets and indoor spraying with insecticides.

The Malaria Program of the National Department of Health will be observing the day at the Kaugere Health Clinic next Tuesday at 9am.

There will be talks on prevention and awareness by health experts in the Health Department and the public is urged to attend and listen in on some ways to prevent malaria in their local communities.

Annette Kora