Miss Frangipani Pageant revived

The history of the Miss Frangipani Pageant in East New Britain goes back many years prior to Independence in 1974.

This prestigious event has a long history in the province, but sadly has been dormant in the past few years.

A hardworking committee made up of prominent women in the ENB community led by Saradha Wong have come up with the initiative to revive the pageant with the assistance of fashion entrepreneur, Annette Sete.

They have decided to keep the tradition alive and to mentor young women to excel and help them find their own personality, their own strengths and weaknesses as a person, gain self-confidence and raise their self-esteem and prove to people that it is not impossible to have beauty and brains.

The pageant also aims to educate young women on personal hygiene, public speaking and broader knowledge of issues in the province, Papua New Guinea and globally.

According to the Miss Frangipani 2019 Committee, they hope to achieve in this year’s pageant and in future pageants to raise funds to assist young women that are not able to afford to further their studies but have the potential to do so.

The Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong, has stepped in to support this community event seeing the importance of reviving the Frangipani Pageant, supporting the Miss ENB entrant at the national level and most importantly, empowering youths and young women in East New Britain.

Eight pageant entrants will be vying for the prestigious Miss Frangipani 2019 and only one winner will be selected to represent East New Britain’s beautiful and diverse culture as Miss East New Britain 2019 in the Miss Pacific Islands PNG Pageant.

The crowning dinner will be at Ralum Country Club this July 5th at K2,500 per table of 10.

A raffle draw and auction will be held on the night and proceeds from the event will go towards selected hospitals and charities as well as supporting the Miss ENB entrant in her bid to win the Miss Pacific Islands PNG Pageant.

Press release