PNC and NA party marriage seems to be over

The 2017 National Election campaign period enters the half way mark, and political marriage between two ruling parties in Government looks to be over.

This is the fourth week for campaigning and candidates and parties will be looking at marketing themselves to the voters.

PNG Electoral Commission stated earlier that 3,332 candidates will contest for the 22 Provincial and 89 Open seats in the Papua New Guinea’s 111 seat Parliament.

The eight weeks of campaign will end on June 23, followed by the two weeks of polls.

Meanwhile, the political marriage between the two largest parties in the coalition government is coming to an end.  

Peoples National Congress (PNC) party led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill disciplined former Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch last week, with a decision to remove him from his Treasury portfolio.

Pruaitch is the parliamentary party leader of National Alliance (NA) party.

He confirmed to Loop PNG that NA party will have a caucus tomorrow (Tuesday) before announcing its party stand.

The announcement by the Prime Minister last week followed comments by Pruaitch on the country’s economy and lack of election funding. 

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Malakai Tabar has thrown his support behind his party leader announcing his resignation from Cabinet during the weekend.

Tabar made the announcement at a rally in the Gazelle Electorate of East New Britain Province.


Charles Yapumi