A look at what will happen this Wednesday in parliament

Voting of the Parliament speaker and Prime Minister will happen on Wednesday.

This is the procedure in which the 10th Parliament sitting will follow;

The National Parliament Clerk will make a statement and proceed on to reading the National Gazette notice calling parliament to meet.

Then the Sergeant-at-Arms will announce the arrival of Chief Justice and conducts (directs) him to the Speaker's chair.  

The Chief Justice [Sir Salamo Injia] shall then hand the commission from the Governor-General [Sir Bob Dadae] to the Sheriff of PNG who will then convey it on to the Parliament Clerk to read to the House [Parliament].

The Parliament Clerk then lays on the table the ‘Writs’ for the election and tells the Members Elect to stand in their places and make their declarations before the Chief Justice.

Afterwards, the Clerk then calls on Members Elect to come forward in the manner in which their Electorates are announced to sign the declarations before the Chief Justice.  

The Chief Justice then conducts the election of the speaker of the National Parliament.

The nominee must master 56 votes to be voted to chair the 10th Parliament.   

The elected Speaker would be conducted to the chair by the proposer and the seconder, and takes the chair.

The Speaker-elect thanks the Members for appointing him and Parliament is then suspended, as he [Speaker] proceeds to Government House to present himself to the Governor-General.

The Governor-General will formally congratulate the Speaker and administers the Declaration of the Speaker, handing him a commission authorizing him [Speaker] to administer the Declaration of Loyalty and the Declaration of Office of the Members.

The Speaker will then return to the Parliament where the sitting resumes with the election of the Prime Minister.

The nominee who receives the most votes will be declared the Prime Minister-Elect.

He [Prime Minister-Elect] is then conducted to the Prime Minister's chair by the proposer and seconder, and will be congratulated by the Speaker.

Finally, the Party Leaders and ordinary Members shall then congratulate the Prime Minister-Elect who then proceeds to the Government House to present himself to the Governor-General.

Following this Parliament will then be adjourned for two weeks.

Charles Yapumi