Funding, security and manpower

Funding, security and manpower were some of the agendas discussed at the first Inter-Departmental Election Committee meet today in Hela Province.

Chief Secretary and chairman for IDEC, Isaac Lupari, said funding should not be an issue for operations in the elections.

He spoke of the government’s commitment towards the 2017 general elections, saying the government is a major supporter for the smooth running of the elections in the country.

He urged the electoral officials to change the public perception of Hela Province being one of the major hotspots for security risks.

Lupari said the presence of the three disciplinary forces is not to intimidate the people but to help where necessary.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, commended the work and support of the government for providing the necessary funding, security and manpower since the start of the election process.

He also applauded the electoral officials for maintain the professional flow of the election process in Hela Province.

"It is now up to the people of Hela to prove their worth of making sure the elections in this province are carried out diligently,” Gamato stated.

The IDEC meet ended on a high note, with the Hela election manager assuring the IDEC head and contingent that the elections will be carried in the best possible behaviour through to the last leg of the election process.

The IDEC contingent is now moving to Southern Highlands Province, where the same agendas will be discussed for a safe, free and fair election in the highlands region.

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(The election committee and electoral officials of Hela Province)

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