TIPNG to host REDD media awareness workshop

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) will host a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) media awareness workshop in Port Moresby next week.

Advocacy and Communications Officer, Sally Korerua appealed to journalists from different media organizations to attend.

It will take place in September from 9am-12pm and will be held at the Institute of National Affairs board room at IPA Haus.

“The media plays a crucial role in exposing corruption and raising general awareness about its detrimental impacts in society.

“However, information communicated about corruption may lack credibility if reporting is not insightful and accurate,” said Korerua.

She said REDD plus climate change and their relation to corruption in the country is not yet fully understood and effectively communicated by the media.

“There is a need for more awareness within the media to increase their knowledge capacity and understanding about climate change and REDD and corruption so that their reporting is based on concrete evidence and information,” said Korerua.

Troy Taule