TI’s advocacy and legal centre, a service to the public

Systematic corruption in public institutions is an issue that is most complained about according to statistics registered at Transparency International PNG’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC).

Program Lawyer for Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre Natasha Utubasi says lack of transparency is when information is not made relevant and accessible to the masses.

She says that ALAC statistics collected in the first quarter of 2016 reflect continuous public distrust in state agencies and this should prompt the public sector to take strict measures to crack down on systematic corruption and promote greater efficiency in their services.

She adds that ALAC’s complaints database records and categorises all these complaints into two key areas that is by “client” and by “complaint”. Data entered for each client must be accurate and concise in order to have precise statistics.

“The client component database categorizes data by problem sector, type of corrupt conduct, implicated institution and relevant fields. ALAC receives complaints about corrupt practices and works with various appropriate institutions to help fix complaints,” she says.

“The Advocacy and Legal Centre is a service to the general public that provides free legal assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption and is an avenue for advocacy to educate the public on their rights and responsibilities to counter corruption”.

  She adds that ALAC does not investigate nor does it prosecute as TIPNG does not have the legislative authority to do so. However, ALAC is ready to provide legal assistance in terms of structuring complaints, referring complaints to the correct authorities and building bridges to state agencies to combat corruption.

Annette Kora