More women participate in leadership course

​The Business Leadership course, provided by the Business Coalition for Women, will be offered this month to the third batch since its launch last year.

Earlier in the month, Olive Whippy, Head of BCFW Leadership Working Group, announced that their successful Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Course (BSB42015) will commence in August.

Purposely to develop women employees into leaders, the course offers core units of:

  • Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
  • Lead effective workplace relationships
  • Lead team effectiveness
  • Implement operational plan

Elective units include:

  • Promote innovation in a team environment
  • Build client relationships and business networks
  • Identify risk and apply risk management processes
  • Mentor in the workplace
  • Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
  •  Apply digital solutions to work processes
  • Analyse and present research information
  • Write complex documents

Moyle said since offering the course, they’ve heard testimonies from participants, some of them have been promoted to leadership positions since.

Launched in October 2015, the Coalition, in collaboration with WINGS Education Ltd, created this competency-based accredited training course to meet specific PNG industry needs.

“It’s a very good course. We had a workshop where we looked at the course content so we could ensure that the content suited the PNG environment.

“Participant takes 18 days out of workplace to attend this workshop. Other than that, they take on assignments, and community workplace projects. We have evaluation forms and tutors follow-up with them after this.

“And after the workshop is completed, the tutors’ follow-up with the students to ensure that what they’ve learnt is implemented in the workplace,” she explained.

The course targets emerging female talent serving in or preparing for their first management roles.

The course will again be offered in November 2016 and January 2017.

Gloria Bauai