8 women benefitted from chicken project so far, reports group

To date, eight women have benefited from the chicken revolving fund project in West New Britain Province.

The project is facilitated by the Mama Lus Fruit Scheme with assistance from the New Britain Palm Oil Ltd Sustainability Department.

The women selected under a set criteria were from Sarakolok, Buvussi, Siki, Morokea and Galevale VOP and LSS area.

Executives from the Mama Lus Fruit Scheme, under the Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association, yesterday met to review their activities and work plan for the 3rd quarter of this year.

Mama Lus Frut coordinator with OPIC, Elizabeth Rava, met with her team to check on updates from their Life Skills and Alternative Income Generation programs.

The women reported that eight other women will be involved in the chicken revolving project next month.

In their life skills program, 25 women from Siki and 28 women from Mamota have registered for their sewing and financial literacy trainings, which will be jointly conducted by Mama Lus Fruit and NBPOL trainers.

A separate evaluation meeting will be held this Sunday between all the first recipients of the chicken revolving fund project at Galevale.

The women involved will be able to share their experiences and challenges with the executives for future improvements.

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