Water needs for Homecare

Water accessibility is quite a challenge for Mt Hermon Assemblies of God (AOG) church located on the Moitaka Ridge in the Northeast electorate of Port Moresby in the National’s Capital.

The local AOG church, headed by Pastor Janet Wani, is home to more than 30 homeless women and children for more than eight years.

However, beside their need for food and shelter, there is no running water in the church.

The church has built a septic toilet but there is no running water. 

Water has to be carted by women and children from far distances up the hill to fill up 200 litre drums so the toilets can be flushed.

A 5,000 litre water tank was donated by a businessman two years ago stands idle because there is no gutter and tank stand.

Pastor Wani said, during the rainy season, rain water is collected in the 200 litre drums and then fetched from there to fill up the 5,000 litre tuffa tank.

Martha Agua, a church member of the Mt Hermon AOG church is one of the women who assist the local pastor to cart the water from long distances, at the border of 8 and 9 Mile settlements.

“I fetch this water from afar, on the border of 8-9 mile. I carry the water here to water the flowers around the church, wash clothes over there. I fill up water for cooking. So I serve my Pastor so she can continue to preach to me.” She says.

“This church has no water. This message should go to the government, so the government will pity us and help our pastor lady,” she continued.

Mt. Hermon AOG local church has a small congregation of about 140 regular members, many of whom are unemployed.

Pastor Wani said there have been many children and women who have come through the church and have moved on but there are still more on the streets.

Frieda Kana