School takes part in malaria awareness

Tabubil International School participated in the OTML Occupational Health and Safety department campaign on “Break the Cycle of Mosquito”.

The two-week session consisted of the teachers, ancillary staff and students taking part in the awareness. The children learned many new facts about mosquito-borne diseases and how to break the cycle. They even took part in the organised competition and won prizes.

The IEA is keen on professional development thus the training that the staff from Tabubil International School participated in added another skill to their profession as educators. 

After the training, staff were given gift bags containing treated mosquito nets, T-shirts and herbal seeds such as lavender and rosemary as natural repellents to grow around their homes.

The competition conducted by OTML OHS department was colouring competition for all students from grades 3-5. There were five winners per grade in all schools in Tabubil township. The prizes presented to the students were a cooler bag, treated mosquito net, water bottle, herbal repellent seeds and colour pencils.  

(Students from the Tabubil International School listening to an OTML OHS staff talking about the use of lab equipment such as the microscope to help detect malarial parasites)

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