Professional recognition for UPNG staff

Staff of The University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Business and Public Policy have scored a first for Papua New Guinea by being internationally recognised for their achievements in public finance and accountancy.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) in the United Kingdom has awarded professional associate membership to several academics in the School’s Accounting Division. The awardees are Professor Lekshmi Pillai, Executive Dean of the School; Mr. Ponnusamy Manohar, Deputy Dean and Senior Lecturer; Mr. Pandita Bandara, Head of Division and Senior Lecturer; Mr. Silas Umaropi, Lecturer; Suresh Babu Nagarajan, Lecturer; and Mr. Robert Kutapai, Lecturer.

They have become pioneers in Papua New Guinea, as no one has ever been awarded this prestigious CIPFA award before in PNG.

CIPFA is the only professional body in the world that specialises in public finance and accounting. The award of this professional membership has resulted from the University’s and the School’s ongoing affiliation with CIPFA.

(L-R: Mr. S. Umaropi, lecturer, Mr. P. Bandara, senior lecturer, Prof. L. Pillai, executive dean, Mr. P. Manohar, deputy Dean, Mr. S. Nagarajan, lecturer, UPNG)



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