NCSL aims to encourage saving culture

Encouraging a savings culture is an important aspect in developing people lives.

NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan Society Limited (NCSL) in this aspect continues to carry out financial awareness to not only urban townships but rural areas as well.

NCSL Bialla Branch officer, Willie Sesega recently conducted a week long awareness program to the people of Central and East Nakanai in Bialla, West New Britain province.

The training was on the importance and benefits of saving money.

Sesega said most people who attended the awareness session were interested in the different savings accounts and the low loan interest rate offered by the Society.

The locals who attended were mostly oil palm growers who wanted an insight into how best NCSL can assist them.

Those wishing to get more information into such initiatives can contact Ursula-Jane Bogg, the Media, Communications Officer on 313 2055 or email

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