Much-needed support for Lae sexual violence unit

The Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) under the Lae Metropolitan Command recently received much-needed support from the Ladylionesses.

Karen Quinn, representing the Ladylionesses, presented two separate cheques worth approximately K7,000 to the Lae police.

Upon receiving the cheques, Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said the FSVU deals directly with survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and/or family sexual violence (FSV).

“Without the tools to complete the job it is very difficult and depressing for the officers who try so hard to serve the community.

“Hence a very warm thank you to the Ladylionesses.

“This support will also benefit the smaller sub-stations who operate FSVU desks,” said Wagambie Jnr, who is also the chair of the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC).

“The FSVU office attends to both criminal and civil cases. Every year the number of cases increases. Once the FSVU was established, awareness in the community was conducted which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of clients attending this unit related to family and sexual violence; that is to say survivors already knew where to report- the referral pathway.

“For instance, Insulting Language. According to FSVU statistics of cases, the report shows in 2016 there were 36 reported cases of Insulting language whilst in 2018, it made a rapid increase to 220 cases reported. Thus, these are reported cases indicating the effectiveness of awareness in the communities. Case numbers for FSVU are not released.

“When more people are flooding to access services at the unit, challenges within the unit also arise. For the sake of helping survivors, the FSVU officers just have to put up with challenges every day. This includes the officers in the suburban stations which now have smaller FSVU.

“The donation will go towards keeping the office in Lae Central Police Station and our suburban Police stations operational. This goes towards creating files, printing out Interim Protection Orders to be presented in Court and other requirements.

“Sgt Ruth Murup manages her unit well with the limited resources and has gained a lot of support from business houses through her management of this. That is why the Lionesses didn't hesitate in giving the support.”

(Karen Quinn presenting the cheques to the officer in Charge of the FSVU – Sgt Ruth Murup, witnessed by the Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie, right, the advisor for Justice Services and Stability for Development, Lae - Don Hurrell and Morobe FSVAC Coordinator –Thelma Hungito)

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