Get rid of ‘free handout’ mentality

Police Minister and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong, plans to eradicate the “free handout mentality” in the district as it is social problem that needs to be stopped.

He made this known during an open forum on the Gazelle District School Fee Subsidy program at the district office at Kerevat recently.

For this particular program in the past years, it has been the norm for parents to seek school fee assistance from the Office of the Gazelle MP.

But this is about to change as subsidies will be deposited into East New Britain Savings and Loans Society (ENBSL) and parents can get assistance in the form of a loan.

Parents will no longer ask for free assistance for school fees.

Wong said as parents, they must be responsible to repay the loan.

“Once proper documentations are in place and indicate a neat package that is viable, a memorandum of agreement will be signed between the Gazelle district and ENBSL to rollout the program this month (Feb),” he stated.

Minister Wong challenged people in his electorate to be self-reliant instead of waiting for free handouts and to make use of their fertile land that could generate money for them.

“Free handouts are corruptive and it is a social problem that destroys people’s ways of thinking.”

Freddy Mou