BPNG thanked for generous donation

Buk bilong Pikinini hosted an event on October 31st to thank the Bank of PNG for their generous donation of K10,000 to support the organisation’s work in communities across PNG.

Buk bilong Pikinini founder, Anne-Sophie Hermann, said children enrolled at BbP’s Library Learning Centre at UPNG, in Port Moresby, welcomed the team from the Bank of PNG and proudly shared their excellent phonics, segmenting and blending skills to show how they are learning to read and also sang a song for the invited guests.

“Phonics is an important part of the BbP early childhood development curriculum as it quickly allows young children to develop their reading comprehension,” she stated.

“With daily practice, the children’s decoding skills become so automatic it allows them to understand the overall meaning of what they are reading. Most children enrolled in BbP’s Library Learning Centres are able to read when they graduate in December.

“The Bank of PNG team were very impressed with the 5-year-old children’s phonics and reading skills, and had lots of praise for the Teacher-Librarian Joeseph Poe and the work Buk bilong Pikinini does. The BPNG team also brought a nice cake along for the children, which brought great smiles to their faces.”

Buk bilong Pikinini’s Program Manager, Leanne Resson, thanked the Bank of PNG for their donation and support. Other recipients of this grant were Rotary Against Malaria, Cheshire Homes, House of Ruth and Port Moresby General Hospital’s children’s ward.

Buk bilong Pikinini builds Library Learning Centres, restores school libraries across the country and publishes books to help increase the country’s literacy rates. So far, 23 Library Learning Centres have been established and hundreds of school libraries have been re-stocked.

The organisation also provides training and up-skilling in its popular and efficient Early Childhood Literacy, Numeracy and Awareness program to teachers and community educators.

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