Students informed of savings benefit

Over 200 High Schools Students have been informed on the importance of savings and how it will positively prepare for the future.

Students from Kopkop Colleague received financial awareness from the NASFUND Savings & Loans (NCSL) on the importance of savings.

NCSL’s Marketing Officer, Jasper Kinaram, spoke to students of the ages 7 up to 12. He said Financial literacy is important for everyone and must be taught at an early age.

Kinaram spoke about the NCSL’s Kids Savings Account (KSA) which he said is a trustee account for children who are under the age of 18 years.

The Society pays monthly and annual interest on each members’ savings and urges parents to open up savings account for their children.

A similar awareness campaign was conducted by General Manager, Vari Lahui and Manager Member Services, to Bialla Primary School during their recent visit to Kimbe, WNB.

Cedric Patjole