NASFUND members to benefit

The National Superannuation Fund (NASFUND) says members should now be able to benefit from efficient and convenient services following the upgrade of key technological and procedural drivers.

The upgrade began at the start of 2017 and the fund believes they are on target to not only meet but exceed member expectations.

Following the successful transition to a new fund manager mid this year, NASFUND says it has now achieved the revitalization of technology and processes to improve member services.

One of the technological and procedural upgrades include the introduction of the ‘Employers Online Portal,’ which NASFUND says is the only fund to have in the country.

The Employer Online Portal is one of the new initiatives which uses a cloud based automated system where employers can upload member contributions.

 “It’s a new thing in PNG, and its world class. It only happens in Australia, US and other developed counties in Asia. For PNG it’s a first in the industry,” says Member Services Manager, Charlie Giichibie.

Other technological initiatives include the ‘Member Online Portal,’ ‘Smartphone App,’ and ‘Electronic Workflow.’

The introduction of a Queuing System at the Boroko Branch on Port Moresby, has also presented vital data and insight into improving service to customers and can be used for other branches.

Currently the fund is realigning personnel to better drive the technology and process that have been put in place.

 “We’re currently undergoing a revitalization process. We are realigning our staff s that they are better positioned to drive value out of the technology and processes we have. That should take 6 to 12 months,” said Gilichibie..

“We believe at the end of October and start of November, members should start realising better outcomes in terms of service deliver,” he said.

Cedric Patjole